Nokian heavy tyres plans new R&D facility in Finland

NokianIn 2019, Nokian Heavy Tyres will build a new research and development centre in Nokia, Finland. The modern R&D centre accelerates the testing phase of new tyre models, maintaining the premium quality that Nokian Tyres has been known for 120 years.

“In the entire history of Nokian Tyres, this is the most remarkable investment in the product development of heavy tyres”, said Nokian Heavy Tyres R&D Manager Kalle Kaivonen.

The new R&D Centre with 3,500 sqm, is part of a substantial production capacity increase. A year ago, Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd, part of the Nokian Tyres group, reacted to growing global demand of tyres with an ongoing three-year R&D and production investment of approximately EUR70 million and 50% production capacity growth target.

“Everything is well on schedule. The first stage of production plant expansion is complete, and the second part will be ready in April 2019. In Summer 2019, we will start the installation of new machinery”, stated Nokian Heavy Tyres Plant Director Pasi Antinmaa.

“The centre will be filled with modern machinery”, explained Nokian Heavy Tyres Development Manager Matti Kaunisto.

“We can triple the number of tyres tested and test more variables to serve our OEM clients with the highest standards.”

Nokian Tyres is prioritizing the ecological life cycle of their tyres. With the new modern testing machinery of the R&D centre, and increasingly specific data collection, Nokian Heavy Tyres hopes to lead the upcoming revolution of heavy work. New innovations will enable the development of groundbreaking future solutions.

“Unmanned tractors will be working among us in the future, and those machines need premium tyres as well as comprehensive data of those tyres to make steering safe and accurate”, says Kaunisto.