New tyres, plants, digital innovation in the pipeline for ZC Rubber

New tyres, plants, digital innovation in the pipeline for ZC Rubber

ZC Rubber Group is on track with its growth and goals targets, according to its Chairman Shen Jinrong during the company’s China Distributors Conference at end of December, where it shared its 2020 achievements, and vision for digital innovation.

 According to Shen, the company’s global sales revenue totalled nearly 30 billion yuan in 2020, including over 21.5 million units of truck and bus radial tyres, 44 million units passenger car and light truck tyres, and 4.2 million units’ special bias tyres.

ZC rubber has also launched recently its flagship series tyres that he said are on par or even surpass some top brand products in terms of performance.

Shen intoned that ZC Rubber will have new plants in China and Thailand to enter various production stages and plans to establish a second overseas plant. The Future Factory to be built in Hangzhou is a government model project, aiming to accelerate its digital transformation. Also entering the project are China’s well-known companies Alibaba and Hikvision. 

Furthermore, ZC Rubber plans to build the ZC Rubber Digital Brain in the next five years, a smart network platform linking manufacturing, supply chain, equipment, channels, services, users, and marketing activities to achieve overall industrial digitalisation. As well, ZC Rubber TBR Research Centre will focus on building the Flagship Series truck and bus radial tyres in 2021, following this year’s domestic launch of the state-of-the-art Flagship Series passenger car tyres. 

Ge Guorong, C Rubber’s Vice President shared the company’s plans for enhancing its  online and offline channels for different regional markets.

For brand marketing, He said the ZC Rubber marketing team will also increase digital and online support for distributors as more people are on social media now while stuck at home due to the pandemic.