New tyre marking technology from Bridgestone

New tyre marking technology from BridgestoneJAPANESE tyre maker Bridgestone has developed a revolutionary new printing technology for tyres said to be different from any tyre printing or colouring process on the market.

Until now, white rubber has been used on the sidewalls of tyres to manufacture white ribbon and white letter tyres. This process requires the use of large amounts of white rubber to prevent discolouration and to also maintain durability. This conventional manufacturing process can also add additional weight to the tyre.

Meanwhile, Bridgestone’s technology consists of the layer to protect from discolouration as the base, inks newly developed for this technology, and the layer to protect from external damages on the surface. Through this new technology, Bridgestone says it can realise the more creative showcase of tyres while also considering environmental concerns such as fuel efficiency, without any additional weight to the tyre.

Bridgestone says it will continue to explore the many opportunities associated with this new tyre printing technology. As an example, original customer designs or photographs could be printed on tyre sidewalls and later removed or changed if a customer chooses. Bridgestone plans to quickly bring this tyre printing technology to market. (PRA)