New asphalt technology from Kraton

New asphalt technology from KratonUS-based producer of styrenic block copolymers Kraton Performance Polymers partnered with the National Centre for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) to test its HIMA technology on a pavement test track.

According to Kraton, the findings show that a modified binder using its HIMA technology has achieved the highest and most adequate performance, compared to competing asphalt pavement technologies.

This new technology proves that it is possible to reduce total pavement thickness. To produce this, Kraton kept the same gradation and mix design and replaced the binder, which allowed an 18% reduction in thickness.

To test its durability, an analysis based on actual pavement strain was conducted by NCAT. The findings show that the thinner section with HIMA outperforms the control section in bottom up fatigue cracking.(PRA)