Michelin to supply Gulf Air’s new Boeing/Airbus fleets

In a longstanding partnership deal, Michelin’s Air X radial tyres will feature on all of Bahrain’s Gulf Air aircraft fleet come 2020. Flag carrier Gulf Air has begun operating their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Airbus 320neo aircrafts that have been fitted with the Michelin tyres and will apply them on their Airbus 321neo aircrafts early next year.

Gulf Air’s five-year development strategy will introduce Michelin’s patented Near-Zero Growth (NZG) technology into its new fleet – NZG technology ensures minimal tyre growth/inflation commonly seen in aircrafts with high loads.

After having previously experienced Michelin tyres on its Airbus fleet, the NZG-based tyres should prove more durable and resistant to damage.The complete revamp of Gulf Air’s new fleet is expected to reduce their overall operational costs through improved fuel consumption and efficiency, number of landings (up by 30%) and damage resistance when compared to a standard radial tyre.

France-headquartered Michelin is dedicated to developing high-technology materials and suitable, sustainably-designed tyres and services that serve the mobility industry. The Michelin Group has over 117,400 employees in its 121 production facilities worldwide; and has Research and Development Centres each in Europe, North America and Asia.