Michelin Scorcher tyre chosen for first electric Harley

French tyre maker Michelin will provide custom-designed Scorcher Sport tyres to the first all-electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the LiveWire. Co-developed and co-branded with the American motor company, the Scorcher Sport tyres are to spearhead a planned portfolio of electric two-wheelers that will establish Harley-Davidson’s presence in the electrification of motorcycles.

The Michelin Scorcher tyre range is integrated with Michelin’s innovative Dual Compound Technology (2CT and 2CT+) to provide outstanding levels of wet and dry grip for better handling. From years of sport radial tyre innovation and extensive track testing, Michelin’s technology also provides wear resistance in the middle of the tyre tread with optimised grip on the shoulders, and features a radial casing tuned specifically to extract the maximum performance from the LiveWire. The styling of Harley-Davidson’s newest motorcycle is further complemented with a distinctive tread pattern and patented velvet sidewall design.

Michelin engineers worked directly with Harley-Davidson for two years to co-design the Michelin Scorcher Sport tyres for the LiveWire, thus illustrating Michelin’s Total Performance, in which Michelin is committed to providing an optimal balance of riding pleasure to safety to longevity, to its riders.

The Michelin Scorcher Sport-equipped LiveWire will be available in 2019 through select Harley-Davidson dealerships in the US, most of Europe and Canada.