Michelin EverGrip technology tyres introduced

michelin asFRENCH tyre maker, Michelin recently launched the MICHELIN Premier A/S tyre for the North American market with revolutionary new EverGrip technology. Promising to deliver a better level of safety for drivers, Michelin says that its EverGrip technology makes the A/S tyers stop shorter on wet roads than the leading competitors’ brand new tyres.

The new tyres combine hidden grooves that emerge as the tyre wears down, expanding rain grooves that widen over time to continue to evacuate water and a unique rubber compound for increased wet grip.

Tyres rely on grooves in the tread to evacuate water and maintain grip with the road. Until now, tyres traditionally lost traction in wet conditions as the tread became worn and grooves lost depth and decreased the tyre’s ability to funnel water away, increasing stopping distances and the chances of hydroplaning. Wet traction is particularly important for automotive safety because drivers are more than twice as likely to be in an accident on wet roads compared to dry roads, Michelin said in its press release.

The tyres has high-traction proprietary rubber compound with high amounts of silica and sunflower oil. The silica provides the bonding strength and adherence to keep the tread on the road for high traction in wet conditions. The sunflower oil allows the tyre to grip on wet roads at lower temperatures. These ingredients are mixed through an exacting process that ensures a consistent material contacting the road both when new and worn.

These Premier A/S tyre with EverGrip will initially be available in 32 sizes (185/65R15 – 245/45R18) fitting a range of passenger cars. Michelin will offer a limited 60,000-mile warranty for the tyres, which will be manufactured in North America.