Mesnac debuts “smart” tyre-building systems and machinery in Qingdao

China-based tyre manufacturing equipment/systems maker Mesnac has recently launched three new tyre-building systems and machines that “will soon cover all of Mesnac’s product line” and boost its product quality.

The systems include a machine development system to streamline customisation, a mixed reality system for remote repair/maintenance and a big data analysis system, which features DNN machine learning, for quality prediction.

Of Mesnac’s three new machines, the O-PRO truck/bus tyre-building machine is claimed to have advanced green-tyre positioning and tread winding; the small-degree fabric cutting machine has improved noise performance and vibration reduction with synchronised rectification and closed-loop control technologies; and the AT-3 truck/bus tyre bead filler production line has an improved annual capacity of 1.4 million units.

A company press release states that Mesnac plans to continue to broaden its portfolio for tyre-building machinery and achieve global recognition in the next three to five years.