Marangoni TRM notices redeveloped interest in retread tyres

The European tyre retreading market is reportedly making a comeback, according to Italian retread tyre developer and distributor Marangoni Group. The slow and steady recovery is possibly because of Europe’s import duties on Chinese truck tyres, which are widely used in local industries.

General Manager Alessandro Villa of Marangoni’s Tyre Retreading Machinery (TRM) division thinks the duties provide an optimistic spin on the market, while new tyre companies leverage retread tyres to add value to their product and increase service to their customers.

Across the continent, there are various acquisitions and re-brandings by main retreaders. In this context, independent retreading companies will need to band together to compete on the market and reduce internal costs. Unfortunately, such acts will prompt the gradual disappearance of small retreaders and their craft.

TRM’s most recent launch was at Italy’s tyre and retreading trade exposition, Auto promotec, where it presented its Eagle Truck 3000 buffing machine for truck tyre retreading. The unit was developed in partnership with German retreader Rigdon, and is equipped for simultaneous grinding and brushing of its sidewalls.