Marangoni spins off tyre making equipment business

Italy’s Marangoni has spun off its Meccanica tyre manufacturing equipment business. Marangoni Meccanica is now separate from the main business of the Marangoni Group, it said recently in a statement.

As a standalone entity, Meccanica is now owned by a consortium of companies comprising family business Caran, local investing group La Finanziaria Trentina, and financial group Alto Adige Alpenring.

Marangoni said the new entity could take advantage of “a substantially increased share capital, thanks to the new shareholders.”

Meccanicamakes equipment used in the production of tyre components such as tread base, tread cap, wings, sidewalls, abrasion gum strip and fillers, along with its “Fast” line of customised tyre assembly systems.

Caran is a company owned by the family of Giorgio Marangoni, President of Marangoni Meccanica.

La Finanziaria is a holding company for a group of 74 local investors and entrepreneurs.