Malaysia’s natural rubber output fell 2% in January

April 4, 2018

natural-rubberMalaysia, one of the world’s top five natural rubber producers, saw its natural rubber production in January fall 2 % to 65,792 tonnes as compared to December 2017.

If compared to January last year, the production rose 1.4 %.

Meanwhile, natural rubber exports in January fell 9.7 % to 46,928 tonnes from the previous month.

China remained the main exports destination, accounting for 38.5 % of the total exports, followed by Germany (15.5 %), Iran (6.9 %), Vietnam (3.5 %) and Brazil (3.4 %).

The domestic consumption of natural rubber in January was up 1.6 % month-on-month to 44,302 tonnes.

As at the end of January, the natural rubber stocks surged 10.5 % month-on-month to 254,525 tonnes.


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