Lion Elastomers acquires Firestone’s Texan plant

June 6, 2019

Chemical manufacturer Lion Elastomers second acquisition will see the takeover of Firestone Polymers’ Orange, US, production site, in a move that complements Lion’s current portfolio and allows expansion of the business.

The first purchase of Ashland Elastomers in Port Neches, also in Texas, in December 2014 propelled Lion to a leading styrene- butadiene rubber (SBR) merchant in the US, and now the independent subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, which manufactures polybutadiene and styrene-butadiene copolymers, will bolster Lion’s ability in the synthetic rubber industry.

Lion’s CEO and President, Jesse Zeringue, opines that: “This asset purchase will provide our company with the opportunity to further diversify our business and add additional product offerings to current and new customers.”

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