Kuraray, PTT Global Chemical and Sumitomo jv bankrolls investment for butadiene derivative plant in Thailand

January 7, 2019

kurarayKuraray GC Advanced Materials Co, Ltd, a Bangkok-headquartered joint venture company co-founded by Tokyo-headquartered Kuraray Co, Ltd, and Sumitomo Corporation; and Bangkok-based PTT Global Chemical;  have been carrying out a Feasibility Study for the manufacture and sale of butadiene derivatives in Thailand  since September 2016, and has now reached a decision to invest in butadiene derivative business within the  petrochemical area of the WHA Eastern Industrial Estate (Map Ta Phut), Rayong Province.

Kuraray GC Advanced Materials Co, Ltd is investing on High Heat Resistant Polyamide-9T (PA9T) facilities with production capacity of 13,000-tonne/year; and Hydrogenated Styrenic Block Copolymers (HSBC) facilities, with production capacity of 16,000-tonne/year; and 5KTA 3-Methyl-1.5-Pentanedio(MPD) with production capacity of 5,000-tonne/year. Kuraray has decided to

solely construct production facilities for  the latter, adjacent to the above mentioned plant.

Kuraray’s investment amount is placed at ¥40 billion.  Construction is expected, tentatively, to be completed by end of 2021.







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