IRSG calls for papers on rubber-related research

Singapore-based International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) has launched #IRSGforResearch, a call for papers for rubber-related economic research. All submissions should be sent to IRSGforResearch@rubberstudy.comnot later than 20 February 2020, it said.

The aim of the award is to promote high-quality research on emerging issues in the global rubber sector. More specifically, #IRSGforResearch seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • . Promote high quality economic and social research on rubber related issues with emphasis on IRSG thematic focus
  • . Engage young economists and researchers in the assessment of socio-economic issues affecting the rubber sector globally
  • . Generate innovative approaches to address development-related issues in rubber-producing countries and the contribution of the rubber sector to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • . Stimulate debate in the area of “sustainable rubber value chain and sustainable development of the global rubber economy”

The research paper should cover a relevant topic related to the broader sustainability framework and sustainable development of the rubber sector. Some ideas for particular topics could include improving the contribution of the rubber economy to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals and/or the importance of rubber in social and economic development. While candidates have freedom to choose their own topics, provided they are relevant for the rubber sector, preference will be given to those papers addressing research questions that fall under the IRSG thematic focus.

The thematic focus chosen by IRSG for this year is “How can rubber smallholders achieve sustainable development through rubber farming”

The #IRSGforResearchis open to all economists and researchers in social sciences who are in the process of completing a PhD or who have completed their degree in the last five years and that have proven interest in the area of rubber economics.

The candidate should submit a paper in English which should not exceed 15,000 words.

The selection panel will comprise two university professors of economics, one editor of a specialized magazine and two senior officers of the Group, main sponsor, Rubber Focus & Research organisation.

The winner of the award will be presented with SGD3,000. In the case of a co-authored paper, the prize will be equally divided among authors. An award certificate will be presented to the winner and the winner essay will be published in specialized magazines, on the IRSG website and social media channels, in addition to being circulated among IRSG Member Countries.

Results will be announced on 2 May 2020.

Only papers tailored to address the specific research topics relevant to the IRSG will be considered by the selection panel.