Armenia to exchange rubber for Iran’s natural gas

iran gasThe Islamic Republic of Iran is reportedly planning to exchange its natural gas with rubber produced in Nairit chemical factory in Armenia.

Quoting the Iranian Ambassador, the Chairperson of the Union of Domestic Commodity Producers (UDCP) of Armenia, Vazgen Safaryan, said that Iran has shown readiness to receive rubber from Nairit in exchange of natural gas. He said that the price for a tonne of rubber is 6000 US$.

With the exchange, Nairit is expected to increase its chloroprene rubber production capacity of 15000-20000 tonnes/year to 30000-35000 tonnes/year. Safarn estimated that about 10000 tonnes of rubber will be provided to Iran ( to also secure profitability of the Iran-Armenia railway) and the rest will be exported to other countries.

Nairit Plant CJSC, a joint stock between UK-based Rhinoville Property Limited international company 990%) and the Armenian Government (10%) is one of the oldest chemical enterprises in Armenia, producing chloroprene rubber and latices.