Heal’s extensometer stretches to accommodate testing for rubber sector

UK manufacturer of textile testing instruments and consumables James Heal, is pushing forward into the rubber market sector for the first time, following the launch of its Extensometer and Titan5e instruments.

Alongside the existing Titan10, these developments mean James Heal can supply both 5kN and 10kN universal testing machines fitted with a long stroke contact extensometer, which will be ideal for manufacturers in the vulcanised rubber and thermoplastic elastomers markets.

The instruments are versatile enough to test a wide range of materials from tyres, conveyor belts, hoses and bowling balls to shoe soles, medical catheters, roofing materials, sealing rings and vehicle tracks.

The long stroke contact extensometer is ideal for strain measurements of elastomeric materials. The precise design controls the release movement of specimens, to allow for accurate measurements.

Titan is already popular in the textile industry, in part for its fast, intuitive TestWise operating system which is capable of increasing the operational efficiency of laboratories, reducing testing downtime and boosting customer satisfaction levels.

The software is pre-loaded with rubber test standards from ASTM and ISO, as well as a library of other material testing standards. TestWise transfers the test parameters, as specified in the standard, to the instrument for automatic set up and control.

Other key benefits include convenient, ‘at instrument’ control via the hand held controller for easier sample loading which is especially useful when positioning and gripping specimens of differing or irregular size; the operator can also choose to control the instrument manually allowing much greater flexibility.

Andrew Hemingway, Commercial Director at James Heal, said: “The Titan range presents a multitude of key benefits to manufacturers in the vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic elastomers industry sectors. The Titan universal strength tester already has an impeccable record across a variety of sectors offering up to 10kN capacity to test a diverse range of applications including yarns, fabrics, seams, shoes, ropes and straps. It is designed for accuracy, efficiency and ease of use with the outcome of enhancing profitability and customer satisfaction.

“With the addition of our long stroke contact extensometer this makes it ideal for measuring stress and strain measurements of elastomeric materials, affording the same benefits to customers in this competitive sector, helping them to maintain a competitive edge.

“At James Heal we are constantly looking at ways to provide added value to our customers by providing innovative solutions that not only help to resolve their most difficult challenges but also improve the user experience. The launch of our rubber tensile tester perfectly illustrates how our team of specialists is always looking to help additional market sectors to capitalise from our testing solutions.”