Guangxi Linglong releases first radial tyre after US$570m investment

Guangxi Linglong Tire, Shandong Linglong’s fully-owned subsidiary, marked the release of its first radial earthmover tyre in May 2019. The production kicks off Linglong’s US$578 million investment into steel, all-steel and engineered tyres, later including some 20 million high-performance semi-steel and 2 million all-steel radial car/truck tyres and another  60,000 specialty tyres manufactured on a yearly basis.

The factory is equipped with world-class tyre production equipment complete with intelligent systems such as SAP, MES and “vulcanisation group control” as a strategic support for Linglong’s “internalised” industrial layout.

Guangxi Linglong’s base occupies Liuzhou city’s largest industrial area, owing production to various light/heavy automobile enterprises. As parent company Shandong Linglong records over US$2 billion in global sales, Guangxi Linglong will depend on Liuzhou’s booming automobile industry and its own infrastructure to provide and promote its tyres to consumers.