Green-friendly E-Cube for mobile tyre servicing

new-product,The mobile tyre servicing market will be changed through the launch of a new product, deemed to be environmentally friendly. Until now, a typical mobile tyre service unit had a minimum of five, perhaps even six different pieces of tyre servicing equipment stacked inside a light commercial truck, so tyre technicians were left with very little space to move around and forced to work in tight conditions.

The revolutionary E-Cube is a completely new type of tyre servicing unit that has been designed by Netherlands-based TechnoMarketing Group (TMG), in partnership with Gaither Tool, as a compact single unit specifically for use in the mobile tyre service sector.

Gaither Tool President Richard Brahler says, “Our E-Cube system represents a completely original concept that elevates professional mobile tyre servicing to an extremely high level and provides an additional profit-making workshop facility to not only tire dealers, but also enterprising car dealers, car workshops, garages, and even auto dealerships, plus other types of companies providing automotive services in the industry.”

“The E-Cube is not a direct replacement for traditional garages and car workshops, which can still carry out heavy services including alignment and outer body repairs. However, as a single unit, it gives significantly more working space within a vehicle and for the very first time eliminates the need for a generator – no noise, smoke, or gases – and therefore it presents a welcome ‘green and environmentally friendly’ alternative to mobile tyre servicing.”

With the increasing trend in drivers wanting to buy their tyres online and then have them expertly fitted either at home or at the office, the E-Cube also opens up a series of convenient and flexible service options for the mobile tyre servicing sector says Richard.


“Make no mistake, this new product breakthrough in mobile tyre servicing is huge,” he concludes.