GoMobile Tires deploys additional service vans, national call centre in the US

US mobile tyre service GoMobile Tires (GMT) will deploy an additional 50 mobile tyre vans in September 2020 and set up a national call centre to manage all calls and appointments around the US. These form part of its “multi-phase, rapid expansion” plan to recast the tyre buying and installation experience.

The 50 additional GMT vans will be deployed out of the newly developed 20,000 sq.-ft. vehicle up-fitting facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The new facility incorporates “green” technology development to eliminate gas powered generators and utilises solar panels and batteries to produce the highest quality and most efficient mobile tyre vehicles in the industry.

Besides enabling consistent and efficient vehicle builds, the facility also includes a national training centre for all GMT franchisees and tyre technicians. With its launch, technicians can focus on delivering precise tyre installation – GMT’s plan is hoped to catapult the brand to being the largest mobile tyre company in the US with exponential growth potential in the following 24 months.

“GMT is focused on revolutionising the tyre buying and installation process. There is no need to go to a tyre shop when we can bring the tyre shop to your doorstep. This expansion is just the beginning of the technologically advanced operational system we are implementing for our current and future Franchisee’s and customers,”said Derek Naidoo, CEO, GoMobile Tires USA.

“Our continued growth, technology development and exceptional service delivery to both our retail and fleet customers will guarantee our market success and produce excellent returns to our shareholders.”