Global demand for badminton shoes to exceed US$2 bn in 2019

Global sales of badminton shoes are expected to cap over 53,400 units in 2019, with global demand surpassing US$2 billion, according to Fact. MR’s Badminton Shoes Market research for the period of 2018-2028.The badminton shoes market is estimated to grow at a value CAGR upwards of 8% during this period.

The rising popularity and increasing participation of/in badminton over other types of racquet sports will fuel future investments and boost sales of high-quality badminton accessories, most notably badminton shoes. Customers are expected to favour badminton shoes with a higher degree of versatility and flexibility of its rubber soles. Global sales are estimated to first surpass 38,800 thousand tonnes, but demand for badminton shoes with non-marking soles will change dramatically through 2028, as these types of soles leave no scratches or shoe marks on the surface of the court and eliminate the risk of damages.

The report highlights frequent expenditure on badminton shoes by men, who will continue to lead participation in the sport compared to women and children, and will be a sought-after target audience for companies operating in the badminton shoes market.

A surge in sports clubs with specific membership deals are springing up across various regions, creating favourable grounds for the adoption of badminton shoes. East Asia will continue to be a highly lucrative market in this category – clocking some 32,400 thousand units in the region alone. The demand will be highly concentrated in China, Japan and others, as the burgeoning middle class demographic will create tremendous revenue-making potential for shoe manufacturers.

Leading companies in the badminton shoes market are heeding market trends and trying out new advertising techniques to reach both new and old target markets. These companies embrace celebrity endorsements and social media to supplement their marketing strategies and subsequently boost customer engagement and sales. 

Industry players are attuned to the shifts in customer preferences, thus focusing on innovation and new feature additions to their product portfolios – advanced mesh technologies, in particular, is a customer favourite and go-to product.

The current focus of key brands in the badminton shoes market is production of light-weight shoes that provide utmost comfort and agility, in response to the demand for lightweight sports accessories.