German RepRap launches new LSR 3D printing system

German RepRap, manufacturers of 3D printers, has launched a new Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM) system named the L320. The “extremely stable” 3D printing platform has a larger build volume than the company’s previous LAM-L280 printer and can print highly-viscous liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

The company believes the new printer can be used to create LSR end-use parts, as the print quality is similar to injection moulded parts, a feat that will allow companies to blend the unbounded possibilities of 3D printing with a material performance.

Furthermore, Simplify3D software supports the L320, and the machine also offers safety technology to keep track of the curing process during printing. German RepRap offers on-site services to complement the L320, including maintenance and repair as well as software and hardware training.

According to the company, the new system is adapted to the high demands of industrial continuous operation: “The new print head technology enables precise metering and mixing ratios compared to conventional production processes – LAM technology influences the application direction and thus the crosslinking at the molecular level.”