Falken to fit Audi Q3 SUV with EcoRun tyres

Falken Tyre (Falken), the European affiliate of Japanese Sumitomo Rubber Group, will equip Audi’s Q3 compact SUV with its ZIEX ZE914A EcoRun tyres. The latest family SUV will be fitted with the 215/65R17-99V derivative of the ZIEX ZE914A tyres, that offers low rolling resistance and good handling and braking properties, even on wet roads.

According to Christian Stolting, Falken’s OE Account Manager, Audi’s decision highlights the excellent quality and the capability of the company’s tyres– Falken’s engineers have developed and optimised its rubber compound to create a tyre that blends safety and fuel economy, while retaining the driving characteristics that led to the tyre being ‘recommended’ by renowned media tyre tests in Germany.