EWI, WindSpace forms new partnership; Enviro withdraws from Elysium Nordic JV

EWI, WindSpace forms new partnership; Enviro withdraws from Elysium Nordic JV

Canadian firm Environmental Waste International (EWI) has partnered with Danish WindSpace for the development of tyre recycling plants throughout Europe.  EWI’s patented Reverse Polymerisation technology and microwave delivery system will be developed at Windspace’s Elysium Nordic plant in Nyborg, Denmark.

EWI has developed a proprietary system for processing rubber tyres via a unique microwave technology that safely processes and recycles waste tyres, while recovering highly valuable commodities, including reclaimed carbon black (rCB), steel, syngas and oil. Each unit is designed to be environmentally safe, energy-efficient, and economically profitable for the operator.

Bob MacBean, EWI CEO, Board member and Corporate secretary, said, “We are delighted to have WindSpace as our partners in Europe. This endorsement from a sophisticated and experienced group is an important milestone which confirms our belief that our technology is the best-in-class solution to the worldwide reclamation of waste rubber problem.

“The timing seems right for our long-term developmental efforts to be rewarded. We are currently in various stages of discussion with prospective customers or partners around the world, which underscores the global nature of the problem and the attractiveness of our solution.”

Meanwhile, the proposed Elysium Nordic JV with Scandinavian Enviro Systems has been set aside as the investment by Michelin in Enviro sees the company look in a different direction to further develop their pyrolysis project.