Dow and partners advance 3D-printable LSR with colours

American chemical corporation Dow (formerly Dow Chemical), together with Nexus Elastomer Systems and German RepRap, have recently introduced a new system which allows users to 3D-print coloured parts using Dow’s Silastic 3D 3335 liquid silicone rubber (LSR). Dow’s Silastic material is naturally transparent – users can now add a range of “consumer-pleasing colours” to their LSR prints without changing the mechanical properties or performance of the part, thanks to Nexus’s new dosing system and German RepRap’s liquid additive manufacturing (LAM) L320 3D printer.

In addition to the combination of the three elements, companion colour packs from Mesgo Iride Colors also gives colour to the LSR prints which could potentially be used in manufacturing applications such as mobility and lighting, wearable devices, consumer electronics, and custom footwear.

Hans Peter Wolf, R&D Manager at Dow, said the collaboration with Nexus and German RepRap “enabled the option of printing coloured parts – as well as transparent parts – from a uniquely beneficial material.”