Double Coin’s Thai production at full capacity

China’s Double Coin off-road (OTR) and radial truck/bus tyres (TBR) production plant in Rayong, Thailand, is now operating at full capacity and able to fulfill container-level orders for the industry, according to the China Manufacturer’s Alliance (CMA). CMA is the US subsidiary of Shanghai Huayi Group, which oversees Double Coin.

Tim Phillips, Double Coin’s CMA VP of Marketing, has explained that as major competitors are reliant on Chinese production and as Thai products are not subject to the elevated anti-dumping and/or countervailing duties or tariff penalties associated with products from China, Double Coin customers have a greater purchasing position on the product front.

The 3.6 million-sq.-ft. plant in Thailand’s LK-RICH Estate has the capacity to manufacture over 1.8 million TBR and 50,000 OTR tyres annually.The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software controls all operations at the plant, which is also integrated with the SAP management system, but plans for expansion at the plant has been initiated.

Phillips notes that Double Coin is currently stocking and shipping tyres from its US and Mexican warehouses in addition to container-load shipments from Thailand.