Conveyor belts, gloves drive rubber demand, says Semperit

Apart from tyres, conveyor belts are expected to fuel demand for rubber. The market size of conveyor belts in 2011 was estimated at EUR3 billion and is expected to reach EUR4 billion in 2015. This growth will be supported by the steel and coal mining in Indonesia and China.
“Medical and industrial products have exciting growth opportunities,” said Thomas Fahnemann, CEO of Semperit AG. He adds that the global gloves market accounts for around 155 billion examination gloves and 1.6 billion surgical gloves. The US consumes about 152 pairs annually per capita, Europe, 66 pieces; Latin America, 30 pieces; and Asia 13 pieces.
The company’s hydraulic and washing machine hose business earned EUR186.9 million in revenue last year. It is mainly applied for the mining, chemical, construction and food industries as well as other high-performance hydraulic operations.