Continental’s Portugal plant produces 15 millionth tyre

Tyre manufacturer Continental has reached its 15 millionth ContiSeal passenger tyre production in Lousado, Portugal – specifically a 255/45-R19 ContiSportContact-5 SUV tyre designed for a Volkswagen. The milestone comes after the corporation’s investment efforts in June 2019.

ContiSeal tyres have a special viscous inner layer beneath the tread that will seal off most punctures caused by nails or screws. The technology enables the vehicle to continue its journey in most cases when the tyre tread would otherwise be damaged.Currently, 76 sizes of summer, all-season and winter tyres in production at the plant feature this adaptation.

Continental manufactures self-sealing tyres for cars and SUVs in ranges of between 195 and 285mm in width, with aspect ratios from 65-35%. These tyres are suited to 15-22 inch rims and approved for vehicle speeds of up to 300 km/h. However, the vehicle must first be equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system,to notify the driver of any gradual loss of tyre pressure, prior to fitting.