Continental debuts a new production hall in Czech Republic

September 20, 2018

continentalContinental recently inaugurated their new production hall of their molds and container manufacturer A-Z Formen- und Maschinenbau GmbH (AZ) in Horsovsky Tyn.

Guests from local authorities, Vaclav Mothejzík – Mayor of Horsovsky Tyn, Josef Bernard– Regional Council President, Jan Latka – Senator as well as Continental management representatives and employees gathered to celebrate event and were hosted by Michal Anton, Plant Manager in Horsovsky Tyn.

Founded in 1965 in Munich, AZ was fully integrated into Continental Molds and Machinery in 2015. Continental Molds and Machinery is the technology partner of Manufacturing Tyres and together with AZ, employs around 900 people at Continental’s locations in Hannover-Stöcken, Runding (Germany); Otrokovice, and Horsovsky Tyn (Czech Republic), as well as service centers in Hefei (China) and Sumter (United States).

Professor Dr. Thomas Winkelmann, Head of HR Manufacturing & Logistics Tyres, said in his speech “Since the beginning in 2015 I have accompanied the integration of AZ in our corporation. The positive development of AZ in the past years is linked to being part of a global company. The greenfield investment in the new production hall, investments in innovative technologies of over EUR 11 million, a growing workforce of currently around 180 people and knowledge exchange at an international scale add value and are a foundation stone for AZ future growth and success with Continental”.

The project follows Continental’s Vision 2025, which aims for growth, value creation and excellence and included the building of the new production hall as well as investments in innovative technologies for production of molds, sidewalls, and containers.

“The investments in the new production hall which expands on a 7.500 m² land plot will enable future expansion of production capacity. Around 3,5 million Euro investments in new technologies and equipment will ensure that AZ and the local team work at highest standards and are able to produce top quality products for Continental’s 22 tyre manufacturing plants,” commented Lars Busse, Head of Finance & Controlling Manufacturing Tyres & Tyre Logistics and Managing Director of AZ.

“All these investments are made because we the Tyre Divison of Continental are fully confident and trust in the local team here at Horsovsky Tyn to continue writing a success story with Continental,” he added.

Albert Kaiser, Director of AZ gave a brief explanation of the technology used by AZ in Horsovsky Tyn. Digital data from mold design is converted by the CAD/CAM system directly in manufacturing applications. These technologies include, machining operations like drilling, turning and milling up to max. diameter of 2500 mm, laser cutting and welding, gravity and low-pressure casting, CNC measuring and automated handling. New technologies were added, like 3D Printing and Laser Engraving.

Michal thanked all present at the event and for their contribution to AZ’s success and emphasized in his speech the opportunities and benefits that arose from the integration of AZ in the global corporation. The perspectives offered by Continental to the employees of AZ in terms of career opportunities, better working conditions, standardized production and manufacturing processes contributed to increasing the attractivity on the labor market and positioned AZ among the top three employers locally.


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