China’s tyre recycling expose and tyre scraps

March 29, 2012

China’s tyre recycling expose and tyre scrapsA REPORTER from the Qilu Evening News has published a report outlining practices in China’s small tyre recycling businesses. The report outlines dangerous and unsafe practices; the attempted repair of irreparably-damaged tyres; burning of tyres in the open and other, “no questions asked” practices. The reporter worked in a small Chinese-run roadside establishment, not in a large, professional chain. There is no implication that such practices are common at the more professional end of the business.

Meanwhile, the country is steadily making progress on the disposal of tyres, but is hindered by lack of facilities for disposing according to CRIA in its report titled ”Black Pollution”. The industry proposes accelerating the development of waste tyre regulations and enforcing existing laws more strictly. In addition, it sees a waste tyre disposal fee as a high priority.

Beijing expects to study existing technologies in developed countries to identify suitable processes for disposing of end-of-life tyres. To this end it is setting up specialist research centres to investigate potential solutions to the problem.

China expects to see a healthy trade in recycle crumb rubber for use in rubberised asphalt, building materials industry, highways, public places and other areas of application and calls on the government to give policy support and tax breaks as soon as possible.(PRA)


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