Chem-Trend steps up with release agents for rubber shoe soles

US-based Chem-Trend, a manufacturer of release agents, purging compounds, and other ancillary moulding products, has introduced a complete portfolio designed specifically for shoe sole manufacturers looking for innovative ways to improve production efficiency. 

Recently, the company has announced two new solutions designed specifically for shoe sole manufacturers using rubber or EVA materials and looking for simple and effective ways to improve both production efficiency and overall product quality.

The new Mono-Coat release agent for rubber soles is designed to mitigate the most common and challenging issue experienced by manufacturers today — improper demoulding of the material. In-market testing proved both productivity gains and dramatic reductions in scrap rates were achievable with recommended product application and use. Unique product attributes and findings from use include:

. Semi-permanent formulation

. Water-based

. Improves release efficiency, reducing cycle time

. High durability allowing for more cycles before reapplication

. Lowers mould fouling, reducing mould cleanings

. Low residue transfer from mold to the part, reducing bonding issues

. Very applicable for high automation processes, such as rotary injection moulding

To address the increasing concerns of bonding in the footwear industry, Chem-Trend’s new water-based release agent for EVA shoe sole production contributes to a significant improvement in the subsequent bonding failures of moulded parts versus other products available in the market today. Unique product attributes and findings from use include:

. Water-based

. Dilution-capable up to 1:100 water

. Lowers mould fouling, reducing mould cleanings

. Significantly reduces bonding failures and scrap rate

“Our new shoe sole solutions represent the very best of what Chem-Trend can do to advance the ever-growing footwear industry,” said Livia Chen, business development director, rubber. “We look to provide shoe manufacturers with every possible advantage, and we will continue to make leaps in innovation on behalf of our customers.”

Chem-Trend’s research and development extends beyond rubber and EVA material use. Even in the case of polyurethane shoe sole production, Chem-Trend says it offers release solutions for manufacturers looking for both speed and quality within the production process.