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Repurposing end-of-life tyres

THE good news according to the Freedonia Group is that global demand for tyres would climb 4.7% a year through 2015 to 3.3 billion units, advancing along is the tyre market, which will be valued at US$ billion. Now the…

Tyre pyrolysis: an epic fail or a recycling nirvana?

Discovered as a viable source for fuels, gas and char and as a substitute for carbon black, tyre pyrolysis, a method that heats shredded or whole tyres in an oxygen-free environment, is said to show promise for recovering scrap tyres. But like any other technology, the capital-intensive system has to undergo several overhauls to comply with environment regulations as well as produce marketable products. Although newer designs have claimed to be work-safe and are zero pollutants, some crude mechanisms are still operating without clear cut compliance to environmental and health practices.

Rubberisation of Infrastructure

The 2011 earthquake in Japan resulted in thousands of lives being lost and about ¥25 trillion worth of property damage, plus the loss assessment is far from over. Experts say that earthquakes per se are not dangerous but other concurring…