Bridgestone to supply tyres for Kubota’s M7-Gen2 tractors

Japan’s Bridgestone is to supply radial tyres for tractor manufacturer Kubota’s new M7-172 large agricultural tractor, part of their M7-Gen 2 series available from April 2019 onwards. Bridgestone will provide its VT-Tractor tyres for the 170-horsepower model, which boasts efficient and quick work with simple operations.

The radial VT-Tractor tyres are designed to carry particularly heavy loads on a very high flexion (VF) tyre standard. These allow flexible warping with lower air pressures and so increasing the contact area with the ground. The larger contact area translates to improved tractive force, ride comfort and also less soil compaction.

Notably, Bridgestone’s VT-Tractor tyres’ combined features will bring about the M7 tractor’s maximum potential for completing heavy-duty work.