Bridgestone to bring Examation tyre assembling system to Hungary plant

BridgestoneBridgestone Corporation, one of the world’s largest tyre and rubber companies, is bringing its state-of-the-art Examation tyre assembling system to its Tatabánya Plant, a passenger car tyre plant in Hungary, this year.

Designed to further improve quality and help increase productivity levels with regard to tyre production technologies, the Examation system combines Bridgestone’s proprietary information and communication technologies (ICT) with a new artificial intelligence (AI). The introduction of this system at the Tatabánya Plant follows the installation of the same system at the Bridgestone Group’s flagship Hikone Plant. This also marks the first time the system is introduced overseas.

The Tatabánya Plant is set to have its production capacity increased by approximately 12,000 tyres a day during the first half of 2017, raising its total production capacity to around 18,000 tyres a day. The introduction of the Examation system will be conducted as part of this capacity increase.

In addition, Bridgestone later plans to bring the Examation tyre assembling system into the new Russia Plant scheduled to commence operation during 2016.

Bridgestone will continue developing and deploying innovative production technologies to strengthen its production competitiveness while at the same time seeking to provide customers with even higher quality products.

The Tatabánya Plant’s passenger car radial tyre production currently sits at approximately 6,000 tyres per day.