Black Swan: beyond the retreading process

Tyre Retreading Machinery or TRM, a manufacturer of systems for tyre retreading and a division of Marangoni Meccanica, has developed a new application of its patented cushion gum extruder with strip winding technology.

Thanks to its characteristics of flexibility and high-quality constancy of thickness application, TRM says its Black Swan system has been used as the core process in a machine for the manufacturing of technical products dedicated to the high-performance tyres.

This development project is the result of a collaboration in the production of auxiliary materials for the tyre industry.

The combination of Black Swan and the TRM’s proprietary Twin technology represents a breakthrough in the manufacturing process, allowing to splits the active  ties on different stations with a high level of efficiency.

The customer’s benefits are significant, thanks to the automatisation of a building process that has always been manual. The automatic cycle of the Black Swan, summed to dual activity that can be performed at the same time on two drums, have allowed the customer reducing 50% of manpower in the production of the technical product.