Black Bear to establish new rCB plant in The Netherlands

Following a lengthy evaluation process, Black Bear Carbon (Black Bear), a Dutch company specialising in recovering carbon black from end-of-life tyres, has chosen to set up its next tyre pyrolysis plant in the Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Black Bear and the Port of Rotterdam Authority (PoRA) will together review the technical and financial details of the cooperation and establishment of the project over the next few weeks – confirmation on their collaboration is expected by early December to go along with the realisation of the ‘Recovered Carbon Black Nederland’ project in Rotterdam.

The new plant will decompose granulate from end-of-life tyres to produce high-quality carbon black, pyrolysis oil and gas. The “green” end-product, a result of Black Bear’s unique carbonisation process, is used as an additive in rubber, tyres, plastics, coatings plastics and inks, and colourising products.