Auto-inflating tyres made possible

Auto-inflating tyres made possibleOFF-road vehicles have had tyre auto-inflation systems for years now, because a soft tyre can provide a better grip on a rocky surface. The same functionality can also benefit mountain bikes too, which led to the development of the Adaptrac tyre inflation system for bikes.

Bikers tackling rough terrain are able to adjust the tyre pressure in their wheels – they need to stop and get off their rides to do so, which is not fun. So the Adaptrac system uses a special set of front and back hubs with a valve connected to a carbon dioxide tank mounted on the frame.

A set of controls mounted on the handlebars lets the rider increase the pressure in either tyre, while a regulator valve sitting between the tank and wheels ensures they don’t just instantly inflate to the point of popping. In fact, a pair of analogue gauges provides a constant reading of the actual pressure in each tyre to prevent over inflation.

The whole system is completely dependent the hubs. A set of rotary seals prevents air leakage even while the tire is spinning. The technology is still in prototype and announcement of its availability will be made in the near future. (PRA)