Asahi Kasei starts up ASEAN headquarters in Thailand

The Asahi Kasei Corporation (Asahi Kasei) has begun operations from Asahi Kasei Asia Pacific (AKAP), its newly-formed ASEAN regional headquarters, as of August 2019. The Japanese chemical giant currently has 16 entities across five ASEAN countries – including Singapore and Vietnam – that offers materials for synthetic rubber, automotive, textile, and hygienic markets.

The ASEAN region poised for manufacturing success due to its massive population growth and economic expansion – ASEAN’s diverse languages, commercial customs, and legal systems, regulatory requirements for business are thought to be driving its economic activity.

Thus, from a capital of US$2.6 million, AKAP, based in Bangkok, is to manage the Asahi Kasei Group’s increasingly diverse and complex regional operations. While many Asahi Kasei affiliates are based in the country, AKAP is expected to contribute to the growth of the Group’s business in the ASEAN region through enhanced marketing and management functions thanks to its superior regional accessibility.

Further, AKAP will support business operations, facilitate coordination, advance human resources development and raise operational efficiency among the different entities.