Arlanxeo launches Keltan KSA – EPDM rubbers produced in Saudi Arabia

February 7, 2018

Arlanxeo_03Arlanxeo, a leading synthetic elastomers company has signed an agreement with Saudi Aramco Products Trading company, headquartered in Dhahran, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, pertaining to the marketing and sales of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber.

By entering into this agreement, Arlanxeo is strategically expanding its activities in the market for EPDM rubbers. Arlanxeo will start to supply the new EPDM grades within the first half of 2018 under its own Keltan trademark with the extension KSA that represents the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Extending the Keltan portfolio underscores Arlanxeo’s strong commitment to these products. With Keltan and Keltan KSA, Arlanxeo will provide a unique and broad EPDM portfolio in order to serve customers in a comprehensive manner. “Keltan KSA will have its own brand identity and positioning supported by a dedicated organization.” explains Jasvinder Kaur, Head of Keltan KSA.

The EPDM Keltan KSA grades will be produced in Rabigh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The EPDM plant in Rabigh is part of a fully integrated chemical complex which operates under the name Petro Rabigh with Saudi Aramco as a shareholder.

“Saudi Aramco Products Trading Company is pleased to partner with Arlanxeo to introduce Keltan KSA, a combination of Petro Rabigh manufacturing strength and ARLANXEO’s global market expertise. This partnership between Saudi Aramco Products Trading Company and Arlanxeo will leverage the highest value for all stakeholders.” underlines Muhammad Al-Arfaj, Vice President of Saudi Aramco Products Trading Company.

Christian Widdershoven, member of ARLANXEO’s executive board and Head of the High Performance Elastomers division highlights “Through this agreement, we are further strengthening ARLANXEO’s position as the global supplier for synthetic rubbers in the world market.”

EPDM rubbers are used to manufacture seals and hoses in the automotive industry, gaskets and sheeting in the building and construction industry and bulls-eye and seals in the consumer goods industry. EPDM rubbers stand out thanks to their high resistance to water, ozone, UV, heat, and weather. In addition, they offer excellent dynamic properties and a wide temperature range, are extremely flexible, durable, and have outstanding electrical properties.


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