Akrochem launches new silica fillers for rubber products

Akrochem Corporation has introduced new mineral fillers Mansil 175G high-dispersing silica, a reinforcing filler for use in synthetic and natural rubber compounding. Mansil 175G can be used as the primary or combination filler for mechanical rubber goods – in tyre applications for example, silica fillers reportedly improve rolling resistance, flex fatigue and enhance traction.

Mansil 175G silica appears as low-dusting white granules with properties including 5 +/-2 percentage moisture loss at 105° C under two hours in extreme heat, a pH of 5.5-7.5 in a 5% slurry, and a BET surface area of 170-190 grams per square metre. The use of Mansil 175G silica notably reduces irritating powdery residue in applications, with faster incorporation time and less viscosity buildup, while maintaining dispersion.

Silica promotes improved adhesion and reinforcement in adhesives compounding – applied for increased abrasion resistance, green strength and translucence in the formulating of shoe sole compounds.

Lightly loaded compounds are prepared using 5-20 parts per hundred (phr) rubber, while highly loaded, oil-extended compounds can use 75-100 phr; and polyethylene glycol 3350 (PEG-3350) is the most commonly used activator to improve cure rate and state of cure. Another product, Akrosorb 29471, which is a dry liquid dispersion of 72% diethylene glycol, functions like PEG-3350 with further reduction of compound viscosity.