75,000 consumers enjoying Lanxess’ fuel savings calculator


Leading German specialty chemicals company Lanxess reported that more 75,000 of their consumers are now using their fuel savings calculator app after it has been launched across Europe last month.



The software application makes it easier for the company to show their consumers, the motorists, how fuel-efficient the company’s “green tyres” are as well as how the tyres are budget-friendly and environment-friendly.



The software is very easy to use according to the company and the users. You just need to enter some information to calculate the amount of money you can save from the fuel that you have saved using the green tyres. The application also calculates how many kilograms a motorist can reduce to its CO2 every year.



The fuel saving calculator application also features the new tyre label in Europe.



You can download the calculator application on your mobile phones at http://app.green-mobility.com and have it for free from App-store. (RJA)